Venezia by PVII


may 19, eddy meet

100 Meter Dash Qualifier
2Ricks, Klarissa12.80
100 Meter Dash Semi
4Ricks, Klarissa13.04
100 Meter Dash
4Ricks, Klarissa12.92
400 Meter Dash
4Isabelle, Laura1:00.38
800 Meter Run
1White, Jordan2:15.43
4Recchia, Lauren2:20.10
1500 Meter Run
2Hardwick, Claire4:41.17
100 Meter Hurdles Qualifier
4Makowiec, Sara16.96
100 Meter Hurdles Semi
3Makowiec, Sara16.69
100 Meter Hurdles
4Makowiec, Sara16.82
400 Meter Hurdles
12Riley, Katherine1:22.04
4 x 100 Relay Prelim
2Makowiec, Fazioli, Mohammed, Ricks51.59
4 x 100 Relay
2Makowiec, Fazioli, Mohammed, Ricks51.76
4 x 400 Relay
4Isabelle, K Apfelbaum, ?, ?4:15.03
4 x 800 Relay
3K Apfelbaum, Ohm, Recchia, A Falvey9:37.32
High Jump
2Kennedy, Theresa5' 2"
8Keane, Andrea4' 10"
Long Jump
2Ricks, Klarissa16' 7"
16Girvin, Kelly17' 8.75"
Triple Jump
11Kennedy, Theresa31' 4"
12Zabinski, Mary30' 8.75"
18Fazioli, Nora30' 4.5"
Pole Vault
2Gleason, Tara9' 0"

The results sheet I have lists Isabelle and Apfelbaum twice each in the 4x800m.

More results may be available from Section 2 Harrier